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Basic Smileys
:-) or :) The writer is content or amused with the previous comment.
;-) or ;) The writer has just made a flirtatious and/or mildly sarcastic remark. Sort of a "don't hit me for what I just said" smiley.
;-> The writer has just made a humorous sarcastic or cynical comment.
:-( or :( The writer did not like that last statement or is upset or depressed about something.
:-I or :I The writer is indifferent about the last comment. Better than a :-(but not as good as a :-).
:-O or :O The writer is shocked about the last comment or having to shout to emphasise a point.
:-} or :} Wry smile. The writer has no alternative but to accept the previous statement with good humour.
:-{ or :{ Wry frown. The writer is accepting the previous comment but without any grace.
:-@ or :@ The writer is surprised at the last remark. #-) or #) Oh what a night!
:-| or :| A frown. :-D or :D Laughter. :-[ or :[ The writer is thoroughly depressed.
:-,( or :,( Crying. [] Hugs. :-P or :P Sticking your tongue out
:-* or :* Kisses. |I Asleep. ^o Snoring.

Less Well-Known Smileys
~~:-[ Net Flame :-$ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
:*) Drunk/Clown :-# Been Smacked In The Mouth/Wears A Brace/Kiss
R-) Broken Glasses $-) Yuppie/Just Won A Large Sum Of Money
(:-) Bald :-))) Is Very Fat :-{} Wears Lipstick
=:-) A Dickhead @:-) Wears A Turban >:-> Leering
:=) Two Noses 8:] Gorilla 8-) Wears Glasses
B:-) Wears Sun Glasses On Head :-! A Smoker :-T Keeping A Straight Face/Tight Lipped
%-\ Has A Hangover :-X Lips Are Sealed (:-D Has A Big Mouth
(:+) Has A Big Nose :-{) Has A Moustache [:-) Is Wearing A Walkman

Common Acronyms
<g> Grin ROFL Rolling on the floor, laughing
LOL Laughing out loud IMHO In my humble opinion
IOHO In our humble opinion IMO In my opinion
BTW By the way FWIW For what its worth
WRT With respect to AFAIK As far as I know

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